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Having established our center helps people who come from different cultures and language backgrounds learn Chinese, but the most important thing is to let the learners develop their love for Chinese and Taiwan.

We nurture and offer a complete and professional Chinese language course to foreign students so that they are able to apply Chinese in daily conversation. In addition, we teach them to be open-minded and globalized in order to inherit Chinese culture and promote international cooperation and cultural exchange.

The center is located in National Taipei University of Technology where three lines of the MRT meet. It is the most convenient university in Taiwan, has a high-quality environment, transportation is accessible to ease, and a strong faculty team making it the best choice for students to learn.


Our Lessons
We are seeking something new and ways to change the Chinese language teaching atmosphere, leading students to build a solid foundation for learning Chinese.

No matter whether you choose tutor class, regular class, short-term exchange group or the need for teacher cultivation, Chinese Language Center offers tailor-made courses for you.

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