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Foreigner who come to Taiwan to study Chinese, please choose your course on this website and complete course registration before applying VISA.
If you didn't sign up for the course yet, please click the button below to enter sign up page.
If you need a visa entry, you are required to take courses for 15 hours per week.

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Apply for CLTC’s admission letter


Please provide the following documents and email to
1. Application form
2. A copy of your passport.
3. A copy of your highest degree diploma.
4. An original financial statement issued by your bank with at least US$2000 valid within 3 months. A letter (original copy signed and endorsed) from a sponsor or guarantor with a bank statement is also acceptable should you not have a bank account. (Huayu Enrichment Scholarship applicants don't need to provide bank statement, but need to submit the letter from Taiwan Scholarship later) 
5. JPEG format digital file of your photo (for ID).
6. Study Plan(Including motivation in learning Chinese and study plans )

Received CLTC’s admission letter


Congratulations on passing the documentary review!
We will send the admission letter electronic file after the documentary review is completed.
Please apply for a visa after receiving the Admission letter.

Fill out your Info apply for VISA

Head for applying your VISA

1.The original and a photocopy of CLTC admission letter.
2.The original and a photocopy of study plan. (Including motivation in learning Chinese and study plans )
3.The original and a photocopy of your financial statement
4. Fill out the VISA application forms and print them out.
Visa application form:
Foreigner who come to Taiwan to study Chinese must submit following documents and VISA fees to the overseas embassy.

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