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Semiconductor course

Introduction to Semiconductors and Circuit Design (3 hours/week for 18 weeks)
Semiconductor circuits have recently become the most important part of providing first-hand information in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). This course covers the fundamentals of various semiconductor sensors (e.g. chemical modification, electrochemistry, optics and semiconductor technology) and signal analysis, and involves Arduino circuit experiments with group discussions, in order for students to further understand the practical applications of sensor circuits
Nanotechnology and Semiconductor Devices (3 hours/week for 18 weeks)

Recently, the semiconductor industry has become one of the most important industries. This course covers the basic knowledge, processes and recent development trend of semiconductors, and features a group of known scholars and experts as keynote speakers to talk about the semiconductor sector. The topics include semiconductor materials, organic semiconductors, sensors, device applications, energy and panels, etc., in order for students to further understand the basics and applications of semiconductors.



Beginner Chinese

This class is for students who have never studied the Chinese language. The courses include Pinyin and basic vocabulary and grammar. Through the teacher’s explanations, classroom activities and assignments, students will have basic literacy, pronunciation, and communication skills for daily life.



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